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Lulu Souto Handmade Jewelry

Nina Ear cuffs Earrings

Nina Ear cuffs Earrings

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The Nina Ear Cuff Earrings are an exquisite piece of jewelry, designed to add a touch of elegance to any outfit. The earrings are crafted with a high-quality metal chain plated in gold and embellished with oval turquoise resin beads. The earrings feature a green crystal at the end of the chain, adding a beautiful pop of color.

The ear cuff design of the Nina Earrings makes them a versatile accessory that can be worn with many different styles. The earrings have a comfortable fit and are easy to wear. They measure 8.0 x 0.2 cm, making them the perfect size for a subtle yet striking look. Add the Nina Ear Cuff Earrings to your jewelry collection and elevate your style game.

Technical Information:

Material: Gold-plated metal, resin, and crystal

Color: Gold, turquoise and green

Size: 8.0 x 0.2 cm

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