2022 Spring/Summer Jewelry Trends

With the onset of spring and summer heat, colorful jewelry begins to accompany our combinations. Here are the jewelry trends of the new season.

Thanks to the richness of color options and unlimited style, we will see crystal jewelry in abundance in the spring and summer of 2022.

Derived from the Greek word for "ice" and paired with elegance worldwide, crystal has a magical power that comes from endless possibilities. In Lulu Souto, on the other hand, the colors, shapes, and sizes of crystals are almost limitless. This variable material offers us the perfect playground. Reflections are captivating, and crystal goes well with anyone, from the most classic to the most glamorous. Crystal jewelry has a sense of freedom that empowers women and allows them to mix, match, play, interact, and customize their jewelry to express their personality best.

Live Ring Gold Plated

It is also our responsibility to match this chirpy and free crystal trend with other 2022 trends and make a difference in trends. This year, we were inspired by the big and bold chain necklaces reflected on the runways of Valentino and Hermes, and when we combined these big, bold chains with crystal, handmade, original, elegant, and bold designs emerged.

Finally, another strong trend in jewelry that never goes out of style is handmade designs. At Lulu Souto, we make our products by hand using precision and knowledge-based methods such as Pointiage (unique craftsmanship in which stones are placed one by one) to personalize our designs and make them special.

This season, we will meet a lot not only in necklaces but also in crystal earrings. Besides, not the short and sticky crystal earrings that we are used to seeing, but the flashy and hanging earrings are among the earring models that will be used quite a lot.

A 2022 Spring/Summer season awaits you, where you can radiate light by completing your combinations with flashy and shimmering crystal earrings and necklaces.

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