Locket Necklace: An Unforgettable Gift

Who doesn't like to receive a gift, right? What if this gift could bring back good memories? It would be a perfect gift, wouldn't it?
With the Locket Necklace, we can unite fashion and sentiment.

A locket is a pendant that opens to reveal a space used to hold a photograph or other small item. And it is usually accompanied by a chain.

In the 19th century, this jewelry became very popular, especially in British fashion, including in the Victorian Era, the custom was to gift reliquaries with images of deceased loved ones.

Lockets are usually given to loved ones on special dates such as Valentine's Day and occasions like weddings, birthdays, and baptisms.

Today, the locket necklace has become a trendy accessory, which can compose several fashionable productions, including a mix of necklaces, combinations with other earrings and bracelets, which will undoubtedly make your look even more stylish.

To make this jewelry really special and thinking about the comfort for our customers, we assemble and send the Locket Necklace with the desired photo at no additional cost. The photo is printed on water-resistant photo paper.

The Locket Necklace is handmade in brass with 18k gold bath or White Rhodium with details that may contain glass crystals.


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Check out tips on how to wear locket necklaces:


1. The locket necklace as the main highlight in the look 

2. Combinations of necklaces with the locket necklace
3. Stylish combinations with the locket necklace


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