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Lulu Souto Handmade Jewelry



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Introducing the Celestine Ring from Lulu Souto, a true expression of elegance and versatility. This ring seamlessly combines sophistication, style, and practicality in one piece.

The structure of this ring is crafted with high-quality noble metal, skillfully plated with white rhodium, providing a luxurious and long-lasting finish. White rhodium imparts a timeless and sophisticated shine to the piece.

The standout feature of this ring is the openwork band design, creating a unique and contemporary look. The openwork band adds a touch of elegance and originality to the piece, making it perfect for any occasion.

The adjustable feature of this ring allows you to customize it for a perfect fit on your finger, ensuring comfort and versatility. You can wear it on different fingers and adapt it to your personal taste.

The smooth base of this ring adds a sophisticated simplicity to the piece, making it suitable for everyday wear, formal events, or as a touch of elegance for special occasions.

If you're seeking a ring that's a true expression of style and versatility, this Celestine Ring  is the perfect choice. Get yours today and experience the elegance it brings to any occasion.

Technical Details:

Plating: White Rhodium
Color: Silver
Adjustable band
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