Materials and Care


Our jewelry is made annually with care, the finest attention to detail, and quality finishes.

They are made of brass, antiallergic noble metal, and 18k gold or white rhodium plated. Semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, recycled glass crystals, resins and woods are part of our favourite materials.

Care Tips:
- Since metal and gems are pretty delicate, remove your jewelry when applying sprays, perfumes and lotions.
- Jewelry should also be removed when bathing, exercising, and swimming.
- Daily maintenance, to keep your piece in the best shape - simply wipe the piece with a soft cloth after each use.
- For storage, keep your pieces in a jewelry box or Ziploc when not in use. Storing them away from light and oxygen helps prevent staining and oxidation.

Our products can be washed when necessary. Wash the piece with mild detergent and a never-used toothbrush. Gently brush the part. Rinse thoroughly. Dry the piece with a dry towel or paper towel. Repeat the drying process on the other side of the garment. It is important that the piece is dried thoroughly, so leave the piece for a few hours wrapped in the paper towel to dry completely.

- With gold plated rings, be sure to remove them when washing your hands, using any products, or coming into contact with household chemicals.

When doing any activity that adds additional friction to your hands, we recommend removing your rings.