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Lulu Souto Handmade Jewelry

Crystal Flower Ring Gold Plating

Crystal Flower Ring Gold Plating

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Our Crystal Flower Ring is a masterpiece of elegance and sophistication, crafted from noble metal with a durable gold-plated finish. This exquisite ring features an adjustable hoop, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit on any finger. Its base is adorned with a captivating blend of colorful crystals and a lustrous pearl, adding a touch of beauty and refinement to this stunning piece.

The base of the ring boasts an artful arrangement of vibrant and sparkling crystals, each thoughtfully selected and precisely positioned to create a harmonious fusion of colors and textures. This arrangement not only radiates a dazzling effect but also amplifies the brilliance when touched by light.

At the heart of the design lies the pearl, delicately placed at the center of the base, offering an exquisite touch of sophistication and delicacy. Each pearl is carefully chosen to ensure its quality and brilliance.

The high-quality gold plating applied to this ring results in a long-lasting, corrosion-resistant finish, delivering an intense and luxurious shine. The noble metal used in this piece guarantees both durability and resistance to corrosion.

This adjustable hoop ring, featuring a gold-plated base adorned with a mixture of colorful crystals and a pearl, is a versatile addition to your jewelry collection. It can be worn alone for a subtle and refined look or combined with other pieces to create an elaborate and elegant ensemble. With its timeless beauty and luxurious finish, this ring is the perfect choice for those seeking to infuse their style with elegance and sophistication.

Technical Details:

  • Plating: Gold
  • Color: Colorful
  • Gemstone: Crystals
  • Size of the piece: 60 cm
  • Extender: 7.0 cm

Experience the timeless allure of the Crystal Flower Ring, a versatile and stunning jewelry piece that elevates your style effortlessly

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