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Lulu Souto Handmade Jewelry

Earrings Hammered Disc Pearls White Rhodium Plating

Earrings Hammered Disc Pearls White Rhodium Plating

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Sophisticated and high-design earrings are handpicked for the party collection. In this section, you'll find pieces tailored for occasions demanding meticulous attention to appearance.

That's why Lulu creates conceptual pieces that deliver unique designs, charming color mixes, and authentic shapes. The real challenge will be choosing just one jewel for the desired event!

Introducing the dazzling Lulu Souto Hammered Disc Earrings, a true expression of elegance and refinement. These captivating earrings embody the best of contemporary jewelry, perfect for elevating your style on any occasion.

The round base, skillfully crafted in noble metal, provides durability and a touch of luxury to the earrings. Their white rhodium finish not only offers a radiant shine but also ensures resistance to oxidation, keeping them impeccable at all times.

The hammered design on the surface of the earrings adds an element of texture and sophistication, imparting a unique personality to your appearance. And for an extra touch of refinement, delicate pearls adorn these earrings, bringing an aura of grace and femininity to the jewel.

Whether for a formal event or a more casual look, these earrings are versatile and complement a variety of styles. Their timeless beauty makes them the perfect choice for all occasions.

Crafted with attention to detail and exceptional quality, Lulu Souto's Hammered Disc Earrings are more than just jewelry; they are a statement of style and elegance. Elevate your look to new heights with these stunning earrings and let your personality shine.

Acquire these incredible jewels now and discover how Lulu Souto's Hammered Disc Earrings can make you stand out with elegance and sophistication.

Technical Details:

Plating: White rhodium
Color: Silver
Stone: Pearl
Piece size: 3.5 x 3.5 cm.
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